Way back in 1977, equipped with just five rooms, few dedicated teachers, some tiny tots – a small school came into being. Thus the seed was sown. Unacclaimed,unrecognized it remained for some years. Nurtured, nursed and nourished with tender and loving care, slowly and steadily it grew from strength to strength. Years flew past and today, two and a half decades later B.R.S. stands tall and strong, youthful and dynamic. The sapling planted in the year 1977 has bloomed into a full fledged school of plus two level having over two thousand three hundred students and over one hundred and twenty staff members.

With many achievements to its credit, its acclaim and fame has reached far and wide. Whatever BRS is today is only because of the untiring efforts, unflagging zeal, infinite patience and perseverance of the set of devoted teaching and non-teaching staff, supportive parents, our bright students and members of the School Management.

Moving on the path of progress has always been the aim and aspiration of our institution. BRS is the other name for a school which has a vision, a school with a mission to provide complete education, a school which not only finishes the course but clears the concepts and also prepares the students for competitive examinations and helps them acquire confidence and personality to ride through highs and lows of life.

The journey of BRS still continues, a relentless striving towards perfection and excellence to meet the challenges of life. It has been our effort to give every child, a positive approach to enable them to develop their personalities and become true human beings. In the words of Robert Frost ,”We have miles to go before we sleep …”

The words of the poet have been nurtured by BRS with the richest manure provided by the honourable philanthropists of Chittaranjan Locomotive Works (CLW). The haul from blue print to reality- for the Mammoth project of starting the second BRS at Chittaranjan has been truly and duly demanding. The cordiality and cooperation of all concerned has injected in BRS an excitement to establish one of its kind school at Chittaranjan.

Well, let’s set sail for this pilgrimage as our sacred mission is to cherish our vision which in the words of Tagore :

” l want to give you something my child, for we are drifting in the stream of the world.”