Terms and Conditions

  1. Fee Rules of Burnpur Riverside School must be followed.
  2. Payment Related Information

Burnpur Riverside School do not store any of the information related to debit cards, credit cards, cash cards, netbanking accounts or any other sort of payment cards. This information is directly provided by the users to HDFC Bank-Burnpur Riverside School’s  payment gateway partner. HDFC Bank may store, access and retrieve and disclose this information in accordance with prevalent banking rules and regulation.

Burnpur Riverside School accepts only online payment through Credit Card, Debit Card & Netbanking using HDFC gateway

Burnpur Riverside School will be under no liability whatsoever in respect of any loss or damage arising directly or indirectly out of the decline of authorization for any Transaction, on Account of the Cardholder having exceeded the preset limit mutually agreed by us with our acquiring bank from time to time.

Please contact with Burnpur Riverside School through email or phone for any query.

NOTE : For any kind of  payment reversal , please contact with Burnpur Riverside School  with your online payment details .

Contact no: 09434670364

 Email-id: brschittaranjan@gmail.com